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        3. All Wedding Packages include the following:

          • Continuous music for the duration of your event
          • Top quality sound system with back-up equipment on site
          • Library of over 100,000 songs, growing daily with today's top hits
          • Wedding reception/event coordinating and itinerary development
          • Face-to-face meeting with your Disc Jockey
          • Direct access to your Disc Jockey via phone and e-mail
          • Setup, breakdown, and travel to your venue
          $995 - Up to 4.5 hours of music for a reception
          $1195 - Up to 5.5 hours of music for ceremony, reception or both,
          using a single sound system
          $1395 - Up to 6.5 hours of music for ceremony, reception or both, using multiple sound systems (determined by the location of the ceremony)
          $225 - additional hour of music

          Parties and Corporate Events:

          Call us at 703-753-9887 or e-mail us at info@soundwavedj.com for pricing information